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Our Promises to You

We will always talk in plain English, absolutely no technical knowledge of websites is required from you.

The initial discussion is always free of charge, from this we will let you know exactly what we propose to do and how much it will cost.

We will go away and do the work, we will not keep coming back and involving you in any technical part of the design - that's our job!

We will ensure your website is not needlessly overcomplicated, it will keep costs down and you don't end up paying for flashy features that make the designer look good but you simply don't need.

We will work with you to ensure the costs of future updates are either included in the package or they are clearly explained.

We will leave you with a website you are happy with and that fits the needs of your business.

Why do I need a website?

A website is important for many reasons. So many people, of all ages, have access to the web in so many ways. No longer is it just PC owners: most phones - and even a lot of TV's - can connect to the web, not to mention the vast numbers now using tablets. When people want to look for a company or service it may surprise you just how many will do this online. The Government's Office for National Statistics reported that in 2013 a massive 73% of the adults in the UK accessed the internet every day! That's 36 million people.

A website can be the only way to advertise your business to these potential customers. You can say exactly what you want on your website and include all the information that shows people why they should chose you. This is almost impossible when you are constrained in a small print advert, often on a page with other ads. The other reason to choose a website is that you can often achieve this for the cost of advertising in a handful of Parish magazines.

As you grow, your site can also grow with you. You can add things like online calendars, newsletters, pay per click advertising and a host of other things that allow you to actively market your business. Or you can leave it as a simple page giving customers all the information they need to see what you do and how to contact you. You have 100% control and can ensure the website you have is exactly the one your business needs.

How do I go about getting a website and how much will this cost?

In the first instance just call or email us to arrange an informal chat where we can quickly and simply asses your needs. With just few questions like 'do you have an existing company logo?', 'Are there any sites you particularly like or dislike?', 'What are you trying to achieve?'. We can quickly identify the scope of the site you need. Once we have this we can give you an example of what we think is appropriate and a fixed quotation for us to carry out the work.

Anglia Web Design - Save Money

Our customers generally pay around £200 to £450 for the design of their site. After this, hosting costs are usually between £8 and £25 per month (starting in year 2) depending upon your site, although we do offer discounts for paying annually which could bring this down to as little as £5 per month.

For those already using the popular 'pay monthly' web design sites, like Hibu or 1&1, the money you save on monthly fees can pay for your website within 18 months and then save on average 75% per month.

This means that with Anglia Web Design you can take full control of your online presence, have someone else do all the work and cut costs!