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What You Get

  • Hosting in one of the UK's largest data centres
  • State of the art hardware
  • Cloud hosting for better uptime
  • Full domain name management
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • No hosting or bandwidth limits
  • A fixed monthly, or yearly, fee
  • All the work and updates done for you

We use one of the UK's leading hosting companies which means you get the back up of state of the art hardware costing hundreds of millions of pounds but if you do have a problem you can make one call to us and we will deal with their technical people to resolve the issue.

What are web hosting costs?

The costs to own a website are generally broken down into two parts. The first is the charge to write the website and the second is the ongoing fees to host the site. Hosting actually refers to a very specific part of owning a website, it is the process of storing it on a server and configuring this so that when customers type in your address they get sent to your website.

With a lot of firms the hosting fee will cover just that - the hosting only. With Anglia Web Design however the ‘Hosting Fee’ also covers other essential things like:

  • The regular renewal of your domain name (i.e.
  • Keeping your domain name correctly registered so you can show you are the legal owner

Failure to do either of these can lead to you spending time and money building a website that generates a lot of interest from existing and potential customers - and then have a competitor buy the rights to this and benefit from all those leads.

For Anglia Web Design customers however the hosting fee gives you much better value for money. In most cases it will include:

  • Any updates you require
  • Checks to make sure the site still runs correctly when new versions of browsers are brought out along with any changes that these require
  • An agreed amount of monthly marketing work to help promote your site to attract more visitors
Anglia Web Design - Hosting

The actual hosting fee can vary a lot. Most customers pay between £60 and £300 per year for hosting, depending upon their needs. The customers paying higher fees generally have more frequent updates and like to actively market their websites more intensively.

They key thing is that we will work with you to identify the right level of spend that both meets your budget and your expectations. In this instance more is not always best, we have customers who pay £60 per year and we would advise these that to pay more is not necessary to achieve their objectives.